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Weld - Defects

We talk about type of welds & weld joints, the talk on welding will be incomplete if we don't talk about weld defect!

Some weld defects are visible, some are visible with aide & some are invisible and need extra process to reveal them.

Before we go into process of different methods to see those defect, one must first know what are those defects?

Let me show you some defects & with their names
  • Spatter
  • Incomplete Fusion

  • Incomplete Penetration

  •  Overlap
  • Porosity 
  • Undercut 
  • Underfill 

Some are Visiable in Radiography!
Burn Thru
Cluster Porosity 
Excessive Reinforcement 
External Undercut 
Internal Undercut 
lack of penetration 
lack of fusion 
Suck Back 
Tungsten Inclusion 

in my next post, will discuss, i ndetail about the Methodology to see these cracks!


Natasha Drake, said…
I'm writing my Level 1 visual inspection ticket this Wednesday and I thought your pictures on weld defects/faults were very helpful! Thanks so much for posting!
Pertapa said…
Thanks Pictures Information,

Anang Yuniawan

All Best Regards
Jerry gold said…
I am preparing for my CWB visual Inspection and found your pictures helpful. Maybe some explanation and to the differences between some of the similar defects like Undercut, Underhill and Incomplete penetration will be of further help. But I am very grateful.
Unknown said…
Excellent Pictures, the radiographs next to the weld defects are excellent, thanks!
Anonymous said…
Plenty people are ruining this trade,they have no idea about how a rod burns or even know different polarity the CWB must stop this,when they come on site they only know undercut
Anonymous said…
I agree with Anonymous Friday, August 21, 2015
This is how exactly welding is done. Thanks for sharing.
Yolandawakers said…
I observed how you explain Non-Destructive Testing, I'm working with a company for 30 years and we also use these common methods.

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